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ABOUT US: Mosaic Climbing is founded by Chris and Nicole, a married couple with a goal to establish careers within the outdoor industry and to create opportunities for others passionate about climbing. They did just that by opening Mosaic's parent company, LEF of Lexington, KY in 2015. Nicole and Chris value and prioritize customer and team interactions. They expect staff to embrace authority and autonomy, show empathy and support for coworkers and customers, and bring forth solutions instead of problems. Nicole and Chris understand that their staff ultimately guide the business, and thus, they prize staff happiness and satisfaction. The LEF and Mosaic brands both financially and emotionally support staff’s efforts to seek ongoing learning opportunities, climb consistently outside, and implement their own ideas for the business. 


We are looking for career-oriented individuals to help build a highly desirable environment for employees as well as facilitate an open, welcoming, and reactive community for climbers.

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