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Mosaic Climbing is seeking a youth coach to assist with both recreational and competitive youth programs, including private and group lessons. The nature of the role entails evaluating client demand, developing offerings tailored to our customer base, and regularly hosting practices. Our coaches at Mosaic are incredibly motivated to share climbing with others. We appreciate coaches who are inspired by the divergent relationships each person has with climbing, and who enjoy the opportunity to adapt their coaching style to fit individual needs. 


This role has the potential to be full- or part-time. 


Attributes that will help you succeed in this role:

  • A sincere love of climbing, and a desire to share your passion with others.

  • A patient and compassionate approach toward teaching, respecting that each individual is entitled to a unique experience. 

  • A clear and kind communication style that fosters a warm and inspiring environment for children and parents alike. 

  • A strong interest in learning about coaching methodology and program design, and an eagerness to participate in ongoing program development. 

  • An appreciation for collaboration with fellow coaches and a willingness to work as a team to provide the best experience for our clientele.


Typical responsibilities associated with the position:

  • Helping to construct comprehensive programs based on the goals of the member base and the business.

  • Continuously evaluating and evolving aspects of the programs to keep children engaged and to foster perpetual growth. 

  • Coaching 2-5 times per week, typically in the evenings, although other programs may occur earlier in the day. 

  • Ensuring that safety protocols are followed by children, and that children are behaving respectfully toward one another. 

  • Cultivating a warm, inviting, and open environment for children to explore and learn.


A strong climbing skill set will be necessary to assume this position, as you will be working with talented youth athletes. We are excited to work with individuals who are motivated to learn more about coaching and derive a tremendous amount of joy from witnessing an individual’s relationship with climbing evolve.


A background check will be required, as well as a current CPR/AED/First aid certification and SafeSport training. Please recognize that this role involves substantial physical dexterity. 


Please send a personal essay and resume to to apply.

Youth Coach

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