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A unique style of climbing done over a padded floor without ropes or harnesses. You can boulder with or without a partner!


Top rope and auto belay climbing are done with a rope suspended over head; the primary difference is that in top roping a second person is required to belay, which is managing the rope with special tools to arrest falls and lower the climber. Auto belays can be used independently. Lead climbing is an advanced technique that starts with the rope at the bottom and clipped to progressive protection points as the climber ascends.


We have a large fitness center and yoga room where you can stretch out. Cycle, lift, run, and train for anything in our facility.


Climbing is an athletic endeavor, but we try to make our product as accessible as possible. If you're fit enough to climb a ladder you can definitely climb with us! Auto belays do have a physical weight range of 25-310lbs. Children under 14 years of age must be supervised.

Who can climb with us?


If you're looking for help during a casual day of climbing we can arrange for a coach to join you. We do need at least a week of notice to schedule, and you will need to pay our private instruction rates for the service.

We also offer group instruction, social events, youth programs, and clinics!

What if I need help?


Not at all, though we do have challenges that are appropriate for any experience level. If you're not finding something that works for you, our route setting team is friendly and willing to work something out!

Do I have to be experienced?


We have all you need to host a birthday party, event, or team building opportunity! Larger groups will require a bit more notice, so don't hesitate to reach out and get things started as soon as possible!

Can I have a party or event?