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Mosaic Climbing is Ohio’s premier climbing facility. Dedicated climbers ourselves, we spent hundreds of hours tweaking our wall designs in order to give our setters a superb, inspiring canvas on which to design routes and problems that bring joy to our customers. Our setters receive more flexibility with their schedule than any other position. We provide our setters with high quality tools, including hundreds of volumes and countless holds from all over the world. We recognize the physical toll setting places on the body, and we’ve made an effort to minimize it by delegating stripping and washing, asking setters to set only 3-4 days per week, and supplying setters with low-impact oil impulse drivers and a boom lift to reduce time spent hanging in a harness. We send our setters on fully-paid, regular trips to destinations such as Joe’s Valley, Red Rocks, and HP40. In return, we expect our setting crew to be involved in all aspects of the facility. Setters should be familiar with how to give orientations and belay lessons and how to man the desk in a pinch. Setters are also expected to know what is going on in the facility and to make an effort to interact with and grow our customer base by developing unique programs of their own. We expect every employee at Mosaic to be deeply committed to serving our customers on a daily basis as well as helping us realize the long-term dreams we aspire to.

To apply, send your resume and personal essay to


  • Strive to meet quality and quantity standards for our facility. We don’t keep average routes up, only the best. If your route comes down, try to improve in the future!

  • Be an active participant during forerunning. We consider setting to be a very collaborative effort, and we expect our setters to give and receive constructive feedback.

  • Try to understand and meet your assignment. If you don’t understand what is asked of you, check with the head setter.

  • Regularly attend training.

  • Regularly climb outside.

  • Help to maintain a clean, organized setting environment by sorting holds and bolts and replacing all tools in their proper home after use.

  • Assist with stripping, washing, cleaning walls, and tidying up holds room.

  • Be aware of overall circuit style, grade distribution within each circuit, and repeating themes. Set in a way that creates a better circuit by filling in style or grade holes.

  • Help Head Setter with assignments by discussing grade distribution, styles, and missing elements in each circuit.

  • Work with the Head Setter to offer a novel setting product by creating themed sets or competition sets that challenge our members in new ways.

  • Follow facility and OSHA safety standards by wearing ear and eye protection at all times while setting, and following work at height regulations when operating the lift.

  • The safety of you, your coworkers, and our customers is paramount.

  • Regularly speak with members, guests, and others to maintain the quality of our route setting


  • Ability to work weekends

  • Minimum lead climbing ability of 5.11

  • Minimum bouldering ability of V7

  • Excellent lead and top-rope belay skills

  • Attend all gym events

  • Physical strength and manual dexterity required. Setting is a very labor intensive job, and you will be asked to repeatedly lift large volumes overhead,  carry ladders and other heavy holds, and strip and scrub large portions of wall space. 

  • Minimum 1 year commercial setting experience

  • CPR/First AID/AED certified

  • Ability to operate a lift

  • Ability to operate power tools, including impacts and power washers

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