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Youth Programs Director

Mosaic Climbing is a brand new, word class rock climbing facility coming soon to Cincinnati, OH. We’re seeking a Program Director for our youth programs to develop and implement our programs for youth of a wide variety of skill levels and ages. You will additionally be expected to hire, develop, mentor, and fire coaches, manage parent expectations, and work with our other departments to market and sell youth programs.

To apply, send your resume and personal essay to


  • Understanding and meeting the coaching budget, including salaries, apparatus, training, and other tools.

  • Striving to keep programs attended at a favorable cost per member ratio, and quickly and efficiently dropping programs that are not consistently attended.

  • Hiring, firing, training, and managing Assistant Coaches.

  • Maintaining an active contact with parents and team members through the use of newsletters and regular parent meetings.

  • Developing and maintaining a six month coaching plan that includes youth teams, youth recreational programs, summer camps, and adult clinics.

  • Collaborating with the Head Route Setter and Facility Manager to schedule and execute special events including clinics, competitions, parties, and other member retention and lead generating events.

  • Developing private coaching relationships between coaches and visitors.

  • Maintaining an active and visible coaching presence in the gym by climbing regularly with members, coaching youth programs, and occasionally leading adult clinics.

  • Working with marketing managers to create media that successfully promotes coaching, teams, and clubs, and participating in such marketing events.

  • Working with sales staff to build a coaching brand, and ensuring that this brand is professional and reflects well on the business.

  • Successfully promoting coaching opportunities to visitors and selling our training programs.

  • Actively seeking and maintaining third-party coaching credentials.

  • Require all Assistant Coaches to do the same.

  • Being a constant resource for staff learning by coaching staff on climbing movement and skill development on a regular basis.

  • Developing and maintain outdoor climbing programs for team members.Maintain appropriate ratios dependent on age and activity.

  • Follow sexual harassment and youth protection standards on these trips.

  • Focus on skill development.

  • Focus on respecting other outdoor users. No excuses!

  • Attend or have an Assistant Coach attend all competitions attended by any team or club member.

  • Maintaining climbing training apparatus by:Resetting modular training walls or collaborate with Head Route Setter to do so.

  • Repairing or replacing dated or damaged equipment.

  • Occasionally posting training programs for members.

  • Staying up to date with modern training ideas and tools.

  • Being an active and vocal member of the management of our facility. Help us to make this the best damn gym in the world. Never hide feedback.


  • Ability to work weekends.

  • Ability to work private coaching lessons on short notice.

  • Minimum lead climbing ability of 5.12.

  • Minimum bouldering ability of V6.

  • Excellent lead and top-rope belay skills.

  • Attend all LEF events.

  • Physical strength and manual dexterity required.

  • Minimum 5 years of coaching experience.

  • Minimum 2 years managing a youth program.

  • CPR/First Aid/AED certified

  • Registered coach with USA Climbing

  • SafeSport coaching certification

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