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24 HOUR 



Want more out of your membership? Upgrade to our 24-hour membership to gain access to our bouldering and fitness any day, any time. 


  • Unlimited climbing

  • Free yoga & fitness classes

  • 1 monthly new guest pass

  • Discounts on programs & workshops

  • Members-only events and parties

  • Free top-rope belay instruction class

  • Free belay tests for lead and top-rope

  • Good wifi + coworking spaces 

  • Being a part of our community!

And of course, 24-hour access to our bouldering and fitness!



How does the 24-hr membership work? 

Our 24-hr membership grants access to our bouldering and fitness room any time of day, any day of the week. Just scan your 24-hr keycard to unlock our Members Entrance (near the bouldering room) and enjoy!

If I’m climbing with another 24-hr member, do we have to close the door between scans? 

No! We do ask that you both scan your 24-hr keycards, but you do not need to close the door for it to register. You will hear the door accept the scan and unlock--this is normal!



What does it cost? 

Our 24hr membership is $75/month! 

Do I have to be on autopay? 

Yes. We require that all 24-hr members are EFT (autopay) members in our system. 


Can I upgrade my couples, student, or family membership to 24-hr? 

We are not offering discounted memberships for 24-hour access. If you would like to be a 24-hr member, you must purchase the single adult 24-hr membership of $75/month. 

How can I update my card on file before the next billing cycle? 

Contact one of our desk staff or give us a call! We’d be happy to help. 


Can I be a 24-hr member if I am younger than 18? 

Sorry! No one under the age of 18 can purchase a 24-hr membership. 


I lost my keycard, can I get a replacement?

Things happen! We’re glad to help you get a replacement, but we should note that replacement cards are $5 each. Try to keep track of that card! 

I forgot my keycard at home, can I still get into the gym? 

If you are coming when Mosaic is not open to the public, you will not be able to enter the facility. 24-hr members are not allowed to tailgate with other 24-hr members. With that, we ask that you do NOT open the door for ANYONE, and always close the door behind you. 



I have a friend who wants to watch me climb, can they come and hang out? 

Unfortunately, bringing guests or spectators of any kind during 24-hr is strictly prohibited. Our facility is under careful surveillance, and failing to obey our policies will lead to termination of your membership. 

Can I use my monthly guest pass during 24-hr? 

Only 24-hr members can access the facility during closed hours of Mosaic. You are only able to use your first-timer guest pass by checking in at the front desk and climbing during open public hours. 

Other questions? Contact us.

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