Mosaic Climbing is a world class rock climbing and fitness center in Cincinnati, OH. Mosaic is looking to hire a Facilities Manager to oversee all maintenance of the facility, its grounds, and its contents. The Facilities Manager will also schedule and supervise all inspections for the facility, including climbing equipment inspections, fire system inspections, and other facility yearly inspections. The Facilities Manager will handle all purchasing and replacement of facility equipment, including fitness and climbing equipment. Mosaic is seeking someone who prioritizes cleanliness and safety, and who will work with employees and subcontractors to ensure the facility remains in superb condition. Organizational, budgeting, and management skills are a must. Extensive climbing knowledge required.

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Facility Maintenance

  • Develop inspection procedures and schedules for facility and climbing equipment, and monitor their completion by subcontractors and Mosaic employees.
  • Hire and manage commercial cleaning company.
  • Hire and manage commercial landscaping company.
  • Develop an employee cleaning schedule, and monitor completion of each cleaning task.
  • Replace worn, dated, or underused equipment.
  • Purchase retail items and oversee their inventory, stocking, and sale.
  • Purchase cleaning supplies and manage cleaning supply stock.
  • Oversee maintenance and replacement of fitness equipment.
  • Assist with cleaning and inspection tasks on a daily basis.


  • Develop and stick to monthly and yearly budgets for facility maintenance, including cleaning, inspections, landscaping, and equipment replacement and repair.

Employee Management

  • Manage cleaning expectations for employees.
  • Assign cleaning tasks to employees.
  • Manage inspection completion and documentation by employees.
  • Handle employee discipline when cleaning and inspection expectations are not met.

Customer Relations

  • Interact with customers on a daily basis to evaluate their needs and expectations.
  • Assist with daily sales and customer learning, including facility orientations and belay lessons.
  • Must have a strong presence throughout Mosaic, especially during peak times
  • Maintain strong relationships with clients, staff, subcontractors, and suppliers
  • Respond to needs, questions, suggestions, and complaints by members and staff



  • CPR/First Aid/AED certification
  • BA or BS degree from accredited four year college
  • Minimum 2 years working in climbing industry
  • Minimum 1 year management experience
  • Minimum climbing skill level of V3 and 5.10
  • Minimum 3 years climbing experience, including lead climbing and bouldering
  • Ability to work weekends
  • Physical strength and manual dexterity required
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